A Midnight Experience With The Nigerian Police

Nigeria Police

During a recent visit to Nigeria, I had a midnight experience on a lonely road, which left a strong impression on me about the Nigerian police.

Late one evening, I found myself compelled to travel from the city of Enugu to my hometown in south eastern part of Nigeria. On a good day, the journey should take no more than two and half hours. However, since parts of the road are currently in a state of disrepair, uncertainties surround a traveler’s estimated time of arrival.

We left Enugu at about half past 7:00 p.m. and I, in my naiveté as to the true state of the roads, assumed that we will get to Onitsha around 9:00 p.m. from where I will hire a vehicle home. About half an hour into our journey, the young man besides me who had earlier said a loud and long prayer for divine speed and divine protection, went on to voice his regret over embarking on the journey… Click here to read full essay.