Interview with Experiment Q

  I was recently interviewed by Tudor Tarlev of ExperimentQ. ExperimentQ is interested in the kind of education gained outside of the restrictive  classroom wall, and what it can achieve in the life of an individual. Tudor asked deep and insightful questions, he got me thinking through, and articulating certain fundamental convictions of mine. I … Continue reading Interview with Experiment Q

Book Chapter Publication

I recently co-authored a book chapter titled, "Integrating Clean Energy Use in National Poverty Alleviation Strategies: Opportunities and Challenges in Rwanda's Girinka Program," in The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions. (2017). Douglas Arent, Channing Arndt, Mackay Miller, Owen Zinaman (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press. You may click here to access parts of the book. … Continue reading Book Chapter Publication

Africa’s Indigenous Technology for Rural Women Economic Empowerment Indigenous knowledge is critical in generating local innovation and in fostering sustainable entrepreneurship. In many rural communities, more women than men use indigenous technology at home and commercially in getting small scale, localized commercial projects accomplished. Women in rural areas are marginalized in making choices of decent jobs and have generally been besieged by … Continue reading Africa’s Indigenous Technology for Rural Women Economic Empowerment

Let Boko Haram come back and see

Mama held on to her daughter. Tears ran down her cheeks and her chin before forming a small puddle on her daughter’s shoulder. Tears trickled down her daughter’s back when Mama lifted her up her feet, set her down, disengaged her tight hold and stared into her face. She repeated her action a second time, … Continue reading Let Boko Haram come back and see