This open access book presents a strong philosophical, theoretical and practical argument for the mainstreaming of indigenous knowledge in curricula development, and in teaching and learning across the African continent.  Since the dawn of political independence in Africa, there has been an ongoing search for the kind of education that will create a class of principled and innovative citizens who are sensitive to and committed to the needs of the continent.  When indigenous or environment-generated knowledge forms the basis of learning in classrooms, learners are able to immediately connect their education with their lived reality. The result is much introspection, creativity and innovation across fields, sectors and disciplines, leading to societal transformation. Drawing on several theoretical assertions, examples from a wide range of disciplines, and experiences gathered from different continents at different points in history, the book establishes that for education to trigger the necessary transformation in Africa, it should be constructed on a strong foundation of learners’ indigenous knowledge.

The book presents a distinct and uncharted pathway for Africa to advance sustainably through home-grown and grassroots based ideas, leading to advances in science and technology, growth of indigenous African business and the transformation of Africans into conscious and active participants in the continent’s progress. Indigenous Knowledge and Education in Africa is of interest to educators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers and individuals engaged in finding sustainable and strategic solutions to regional and global advancement.

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Dr. Chika thinks every child of African descent should know as much as possible about Africa. Well, not just because she likes it that way, but because science has proven that children retain information better when their sense of identity is incorporated into the learning process. So, here comes F is for Fufu, a book for every African child resident in Africa and in the diaspora. Read this book with your child if you dream of raising him to be confident, motivated, dignified and passionate about Africa.

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African Child Press was established to validate the experiences and lived realities of the African child as expressed in his indigenous language or mother-tongue. African Child Press is concerned with the publication of children’s books in as many African languages as possible.

At African Child Press, we envision an Africa where every child’s mother- tongue is invested with dignity, where the intellectual depth of every African language is explored through the widespread availability of high quality publications.

It is the vision of African Child Press that one day, every home, every school, every public or private child-centered space in Africa will be filled with an abundance of quality publications and resources in relevant African languages.

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