Book/Book Chapters

2019. Ezeanya-Esiobu, Chika. Indigenous Knowledge and Education in Africa. Springer: New York.

2019. “Women and Indigenous Knowledge in Africa.” in Falola, Toyin & Yacob-Haliso, Olajumoke (ed.) The Palgrave Handbook of African Women Studies. Palgrave Macmillan: London (forthcoming).

2019.   Ezeanya-Esiobu, Chika. “Research and Innovation in Africa’s Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Prospects and Barriers in Indigenous Medicine.” In Dos Santos, Boaventura and Meneses, Maria. Strange Mirrors, Unsuspected Lessons: Leading Europe to a New Way of Sharing the World Experiences. Almedina: Lisbon. (forthcoming).

2018. Ezeanya, Chika ‘Innovation, Education and Development in Africa.’ In Toyin Falola and Samuel Olonrontuba (ed.) Palgrave Handbook on Politics, Governance and Development in Africa. Palgrave-Macmillan: London.

2017. Ezeanya, Chika and Kennedy, Abel. ‘Integrating Clean Energy Use in National Poverty Alleviation Strategies: Opportunities and Challenges in Rwanda’s Girinka Program.’ In Political Economy of Clean Energy Use. United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research edited volume. Oxford University Press: Oxford, England.

2016. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Research, Innovation and Indigenous Knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa: In Search of a Nexus’ in Almas Heshmati (Ed.); Economic Integration, Currency Union, and Sustainable Growth in East Africa (Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development, AAESP) Springer: Berlin

2014. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Corruption and Citizenship in sub-Saharan Africa: A Historical Analysis.’ In Gedeon Mudacumura and Goktug Morcol (ed.) Challenges to Democratic Governance in Developing Countries. Springer International: Santa Barbara. Pages 181 – 194.

2014. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Yes, We Can Aid Ourselves.’ In Sondra Myers (ed.) The New Rwanda II: Successes and Challenges on the Ground. University of Scranton: New York (short essay).

2014. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘A Minister without Convoy.’ In Sondra Myers (ed.) The New Rwanda II: Successes and Challenges on the Ground. University of Scranton: New York (short essay).

Journal Articles/Reports

2018. Ezeanya-Esiobu, Chika et al. “Indigenous Beverage Production and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Rwanda” Indigenous Knowledge: Other Ways of Knowing (3) 3 (forthcoming)

2018. Ezeanya-Esiobu, Chika et al. “Indigenous Vegetable Production and Rural Women Economic Empowerment in Africa: Reality, Prospects, and Challenges in Rwanda.” Indigenous Knowledge: Other Ways of Knowing (3) 3 (forthcoming).

2017. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘The Rise of Homegrown Ideas and Grassroots Voices: New Directions in Social Policy in Rwanda.’ United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) Working Paper 2017-6 (pp 1-31) . UNRISD: Geneva.

2015. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘William Beinhart and Karen Brown. 2013. African Local Knowledge and Livestock Health Treatment: Diseases and Treatments in South Africa – A Book Review.’ African Studies Quarterly Vol 5 (4) 92-93.

2015    Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Home-grown and grassroots-based strategies for determining inequality towards policy action: Rwanda’s Ubudehe approach in perspective.’ United Nations University World Institute for Development Research Working Paper Series 2015/008

2015. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Indigenous Knowledge, Education Quality and Prosperity.’ The 2014 Africa Prosperity Report, Legatum Institute London.

2015. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Abdul Karim Bangura’s African Mathematics: From Bones to Computers – A Book Review.’ African Studies Quarterly Volume 14, Issue 4 (September 2014) 81 -82.

2014. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Zikism: the Fourth Pillar, Indigenous Knowledge and Africa’s Advancement.’  Journal of African Philosophy  (10) 1 Pp 1-26.

2014. Ezeanya, Chika. ‘A Model for Development Built on Indigenous Foundations.’ Science Development. June 2014.

2014.  Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Indigenous Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment in Rwanda: the Girinka Approach.’ Journal of Pan African Studies, (6)10.

2013.  Schendel, Rebecca, Mazimhaka Jolly, Ezeanya Chika. ‘Higher Education for Development in Rwanda.’ International Higher Education . Winter #70 2013. p. 19 -21. English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish editions.

Ezeanya, Chika. ‘Contending Issues of Intellectual Property Rights and Africa’s Indigenous Pharmacology.’ Journal of Pan African Studies (6) September 2013.

2013. Ezeanya, Chika. (editorial board member) ‘Documentation of Home-grown Initiatives and Solutions for Policy makers, researchers and the public.’ Rwanda Governance Board Report Volume 1, November, 2013.

Ezeanya, Chika & Satya, Murty. ‘Indigenous Textbooks and Case Studies as Effective Tools in Business and Management Education: A Comparative Analysis of Indian versus African Business Literature.’ International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences (2) 10

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