Education in Africa: Whose Education, anyway?

“Why do some of our people sometimes talk and behave as if they are not educated,” queried the man from the podium, as he addressed his largely West African audience; “Illiteracy, the Bane of Africa’s Underdevelopment,” the international magazine headline recently declared; and according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, as at 2007, only 3 … Continue reading Education in Africa: Whose Education, anyway?

Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (II)

  The return of Africa’s stolen artifacts by the West will be one of the most direct pointers that the latter is not paying lip service to the development dilemma of the continent. Otherwise, there appears to be profound hypocrisy in the West’s use of aids, grants, trade concessions, and other supposedly development inducing packages … Continue reading Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (II)

Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (I)

Consider a scenario where a burglar, armed robber or fraudster dispossesses you of several of your most prized belongings. A few years down the line, the long arm of the law catches up with the perpetrator. Upon searching his apartment, a sizeable amount of your properties are found intact and well preserved, having appreciated greatly … Continue reading Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (I)

Investing in a Vacuum

Sub-Saharan Africa is currently experiencing phenomenal increase in the inflow of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), FDI flow into Africa peaked at $88 billion in 2008 - up from $9 billion in 2000 - overtaking foreign aid, which stood at $44 the same year. The Time … Continue reading Investing in a Vacuum

When Africans Pray and do not Watch

Not too long ago, I was privileged to attend a conference organized by a group of Africans and African Americans in Washington D.C. The theme of the conference was about reviving the spirit of pan-Africanism in the continent and among the Diaspora. First to speak was the Gambian Ambassador to the United States. After him, … Continue reading When Africans Pray and do not Watch

Waiting for the Ubuntu Games

It is an established fact that international games create a shared feeling of oneness among participants, enabling them to forge a common bond in the face of weightier political or economic issues. It is in recognition of the transcendental effects of sports, that games such as, the Winter Olympics, Asian Games, South American Games and … Continue reading Waiting for the Ubuntu Games