Education in Africa: Whose Education, anyway?

“Why do some of our people sometimes talk and behave as if they are not educated,” queried the man from the podium, as he addressed his largely West African audience; “Illiteracy, the Bane of Africa’s Underdevelopment,” the international magazine headline recently declared; and according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, as at 2007, only 3 … Continue reading Education in Africa: Whose Education, anyway?

Waiting for the Ubuntu Games

It is an established fact that international games create a shared feeling of oneness among participants, enabling them to forge a common bond in the face of weightier political or economic issues. It is in recognition of the transcendental effects of sports, that games such as, the Winter Olympics, Asian Games, South American Games and … Continue reading Waiting for the Ubuntu Games

Africa’s Foreign Reserve: In Reserve for Who?

At the end of 2008, total foreign exchange reserves of Africa stood at $460bn. A country likeNigeriapresently has sufficient foreign reserves to cover her imports for the next twenty four months. One requires more than a lay understanding of macro- economics to decipher what Africa stands to gain in her continuous pile up of savings … Continue reading Africa’s Foreign Reserve: In Reserve for Who?