Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (II)

  The return of Africa’s stolen artifacts by the West will be one of the most direct pointers that the latter is not paying lip service to the development dilemma of the continent. Otherwise, there appears to be profound hypocrisy in the West’s use of aids, grants, trade concessions, and other supposedly development inducing packages … Continue reading Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (II)

Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (I)

Consider a scenario where a burglar, armed robber or fraudster dispossesses you of several of your most prized belongings. A few years down the line, the long arm of the law catches up with the perpetrator. Upon searching his apartment, a sizeable amount of your properties are found intact and well preserved, having appreciated greatly … Continue reading Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (I)

Africa’s Foreign Reserve: In Reserve for Who?

At the end of 2008, total foreign exchange reserves of Africa stood at $460bn. A country likeNigeriapresently has sufficient foreign reserves to cover her imports for the next twenty four months. One requires more than a lay understanding of macro- economics to decipher what Africa stands to gain in her continuous pile up of savings … Continue reading Africa’s Foreign Reserve: In Reserve for Who?