The Collapse of the Euro; the Fall of the CFA

The Euro zone continues to falter as uncertainties surrounding the fiscal actions of Greece and Italy, skyrocketing unemployment figures and living costs lead to an even gloomier prediction. Conversely, most African economies are increasingly recording impressive growth rates in GDP and in other yardsticks. One sore point of convergence in the Euro-Africa recession and growth … Continue reading The Collapse of the Euro; the Fall of the CFA

Education in Africa: Whose Education, anyway?

“Why do some of our people sometimes talk and behave as if they are not educated,” queried the man from the podium, as he addressed his largely West African audience; “Illiteracy, the Bane of Africa’s Underdevelopment,” the international magazine headline recently declared; and according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, as at 2007, only 3 … Continue reading Education in Africa: Whose Education, anyway?

Radio Talk Show

On February 2, Chika was a guest of the Voices from the African World Community on Harambee Connection Radio. She discussed with the hosts for 90 minutes on the Black History Month celebrations and the relevance of African history, indigenous knowledge and culture in the continent's advancement. Click on the link below to listen: PS.: … Continue reading Radio Talk Show

The AU and the Tragedy of a New Headquarters

On the 28th of January, 2012 African countries will collectively descend to a new low on the global index of state sovereignty, territorial integrity and actual independence of nations. On that day, Chinese President Hu Jintao will be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to commission the new $124 Million African Union Headquarters built and donated to … Continue reading The AU and the Tragedy of a New Headquarters

Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (II)

  The return of Africa’s stolen artifacts by the West will be one of the most direct pointers that the latter is not paying lip service to the development dilemma of the continent. Otherwise, there appears to be profound hypocrisy in the West’s use of aids, grants, trade concessions, and other supposedly development inducing packages … Continue reading Returning Africa’s Stolen Artifacts (II)

The Division of One People

“Sir, my name is Paul Okoo and I need information about the current activities of the Ministry of Education targeted at girl-child education in Kenya.” “ I am afraid, Mr. Okoo, we are too busy at the moment preparing proposals and other second quarter policy reports. I will be unable to assist. Have a nice … Continue reading The Division of One People