Radio Talk Show

On February 2, Chika was a guest of the Voices from the African World Community on Harambee Connection Radio. She discussed with the hosts for 90 minutes on the Black History Month celebrations and the relevance of African history, indigenous knowledge and culture in the continent's advancement. Click on the link below to listen: PS.: … Continue reading Radio Talk Show

Africa’s Foreign Reserve: In Reserve for Who?

At the end of 2008, total foreign exchange reserves of Africa stood at $460bn. A country likeNigeriapresently has sufficient foreign reserves to cover her imports for the next twenty four months. One requires more than a lay understanding of macro- economics to decipher what Africa stands to gain in her continuous pile up of savings … Continue reading Africa’s Foreign Reserve: In Reserve for Who?

Reclaiming Africa’s History from the West

History is one of the most powerful tools a people can utilize in building a sense of national identity and pride, towards social, cultural and economic advancement.  A people without a true sense of their history lack a clear direction for the future.  The foundations of Africa’s history as it is today researched and disseminated, for the … Continue reading Reclaiming Africa’s History from the West