Radio Talk Show

On February 2, Chika was a guest of the Voices from the African World Community on Harambee Connection Radio. She discussed with the hosts for 90 minutes on the Black History Month celebrations and the relevance of African history, indigenous knowledge and culture in the continent's advancement. Click on the link below to listen: PS.: … Continue reading Radio Talk Show

The Mamma Photos and the ‘Indignity’ of the African

Not long ago, Time Magazine released some maternal mortality pictures taken by New York Times photographer, Lynsey Addaria,29307,1993805,00.html.  In the pictures, 18 year old Sierra Leonean, Mamma Sessay was photographed through her ordeals trying to birth the second of her set of twins. Mamma never made it through; she died under very avoidable circumstances. … Continue reading The Mamma Photos and the ‘Indignity’ of the African

On Motivational Speakers in Africa

Of late it has become a mark of corporate ‘responsibility’ or status symbol – as the case may be - for several big corporations and governments of African countries to invite well known motivational speakers and bestselling authors of inspirational books from Europe and America, to deliver speeches at well publicized events for the elites … Continue reading On Motivational Speakers in Africa