African Mathematics – A Book Review

Written by Dr. Chika Ezeanya and published by African Studies Quarterly | Volume 14, Issue 4 | September 2014   The poor quality of teaching, the low absorption rate of learners, and the general fear of and dislike for mathematics across Africa south of the Sahara is well documented. The root of this challenge … Continue reading African Mathematics – A Book Review

Deep Inside Sambisa Forest

Several loud gunshots came from the vicinity of the school gate, followed by piercing cries from my schoolmates. Boko Haram. It was time to say our last prayers. I took what I intended to be one last look at the bed of my best friend and neighbor. Her eyes locked into mine and reminded me … Continue reading Deep Inside Sambisa Forest

The Fear of Things Fall Apart

I read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart for the first time in 2008. As a child, I had watched the movie on Nigerian Television and experienced nightmares for months afterwards; the screams of Ikemefuna as he was being sacrificed stayed with me for years. For subsequent re-runs of the movie, I would flee the sitting … Continue reading The Fear of Things Fall Apart

After 2015, then what? Africa in a post-MDGs era

In view of the under-achievement record of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), global policy makers have set out on a search for a more veritable replacement ahead of its 2015 expiration date. Designed in 2000 by developed countries on behalf of developing countries, the MDGs were collectively promoted as a near-final solution to the development … Continue reading After 2015, then what? Africa in a post-MDGs era

In Search of Independence for African Coastal Waters

The African Union is in the conclusive stages of fashioning an African cabotage regime that will ensure that only vessels owned by Africans will trade within the continent’s coastal waters. The legislation when in force will be a much needed, though daring move to liberate African coastal waters from age-long dominance by overseas entities, and … Continue reading In Search of Independence for African Coastal Waters

Before We Set Sail A Novel by Chika Ezeanya Out of 250 manuscripts submitted by African writers across the globe, the manuscript Before We Set Sail was one of six shortlisted for the inaugural Penguin Publishers Award for African Writing. Before We Set Sail is the gripping account of the journey of eleven year old Olaudah Equiano as a slave boy within the … Continue reading Before We Set Sail A Novel by Chika Ezeanya