The Search for an African Idol

One of the current more popular TV programs among African youth is the Idol East Africa. As is characteristic of several things African, Idol East Africa presents a detailed imitation of the American Idol competition. Swinging between fake American and British accents, while desperately, but unsuccessfully striving to mask their African accents, one judge sits on the … Continue reading The Search for an African Idol

On Language and Knowledge

Nne kedu? I enquired after the well being of the 8 year old girl with whose mother, I stood exchanging pleasantries. She smiled and looked away, while her mother proudly responded on her behalf, “she doesn’t understand Igbo; you know children of nowadays and how they are.” My heart sank; “children, or parents of nowadays” … Continue reading On Language and Knowledge

Why Should I Stay in Africa?

The desperation of several Africans to travel to Europe, America and increasingly any other part of the world aside from their own countries is understandable.  Young intelligent citizens feel betrayed by the very system that should shelter them from the heat of daily human existence. Absence of steady power supply, poor infrastructure, insecurity of life … Continue reading Why Should I Stay in Africa?

On HIV/AIDs and Climate Change in Africa

Although treated as unrelated phenomena, the challenges of HIV/AIDS and the effects of climate change in Africa, bear much resemblance in origin, and in effects. Just like HIV/AIDS which originated and initially spread outside of the continent, Africa has historically contributed little or nothing to green house gas emissions, but it is the worst hit … Continue reading On HIV/AIDs and Climate Change in Africa

Towards Ending Apartheid in South African Mines

The recent launch of the state owned mining company, the African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation (AEFMC) in South Africa, was met with stiff resistance by the foreign and minority commercial interests, who have traversed the geological terrain of that country for more than a century.  Once the announcement was made, the vested interests expressed apprehension … Continue reading Towards Ending Apartheid in South African Mines

Black (or White?) History Month

The month of February 2011 is widely celebrated as Black History month in the United States. The celebration often transcends the domestic shores of its country of origin to gain widespread recognition and media coverage in other Western and non-Western nations. Although termed Black History Month, the celebration in focuses on the achievements of the … Continue reading Black (or White?) History Month