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I am working on educational materials targeted at the African child who resides within the continent and in the diaspora. The aim is multi-fold, but centers around the need to imbibe a sense of appreciation of his environment in the African child, in order to spur a desire to add value. The need to unite Africans by exploring the continent’s common assets also comes into perspective.

Keep close to this site for release dates of all materials.

For starters, I have put together a series of free e-books and learning materials for teaching the English alphabet to the African child. The series is known as Dr. Chika’s ABC for the African Child. Books that make up the series include:

  • A is for Accra: Alphabet of African Capital Cities.
  • M is for Mandela: Alphabet of African History Makers.
  • P is for Pineapple: Alphabet of African Fruits.
  • G is for Goat: Alphabet of African Animals.
  • F is for Fufu: Alphabet of African Dishes.

You will receive three free e-books for download by subscribing to this blog. You may scroll down for subscription information.



  1. Jeff Woodyard

    ‘the multidisciplinary exploration of indigenous knowledge, homegrown, and grassroots based approaches to the sustainable advancement’ of the world is needed as a global collaboration among all people. I believe you will find that unity in diversity is the essential principle. I know your peers in the Native American and Hawaiian communities. I believe they are rising in every colonized land. I pray we all link efforts to fight the continued effects of those dominating and suppressing strategies and tactics used by my ancestors to subjugate humanity.

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