Dr. Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu

Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu is convinced of the ability of Africans to transform Africa. She is of the view that the acknowledgement of the significance of Africa’s indigenous knowledge – in all fields of human endeavor – is key to the continent’s advancement. A researcher, teacher, non-fiction and fiction writer, and a public intellectual, Chika holds a Ph.D. in African Development and Policy Studies from Howard University in Washington D.C.

At the core of Chika’s research interests is the multidisciplinary exploration of indigenous knowledge, homegrown, and grassroots based approaches to the sustainable advancement of Sub-Saharan Africa. Chika is also interested in education as a tool for Sub-Saharan Africa’s transformation.  Among her previous research works include a recently concluded (May 2017) International Development Research Center (IDRC) Canada commissioned project on utilizing indigenous technology to create employment for women in rural areas in Rwanda. Chika has conducted research on indigenous knowledge and homegrown approaches to sub-Saharan Africa’s growth for such organizations as the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). She has also worked as a consultant in the World Bank Africa region.

Chika’s very first attempt at fiction writing became one of six manuscripts (out of 250 submissions) shortlisted for the Penguin Publishers Award for African Writing. Excerpts of the book can be read at http://www.beforewesetsail.com.

Chika’s lifetime passion is to contribute to efforts that would see to the unleashing of the suppressed creative and innovative energies, buried deep in the hearts and minds of all Africans.

Chika has lived and worked in four countries spread across three continents and through her travels has learned to value integrity, dignity, respect for self and others, cooperation over competition, to be open to knowledge and to smile often with her heart.

Chika can be reached at chika@chikaforafrica.com

Except otherwise stated, all articles published on this website are the intellectual property of Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu and are protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Republications are allowed but care must be taken to ensure that contents are not in any manner modified without the express approval of Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu.

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  1. lonzen says:

    Na so! This is wonderful Chika! We look forward to reading from you!

  2. Obiageli Ezeanya says:

    Very Inspiring Sis!!….I really admire you!

  3. UZO OGAMBA says:

    congrats my dear……am nt surprised at ur achievements so far……infact, av acually been waiting ur dis….my prayer is dat d gud LORD will continue to enrich u wit d wisdom n strenth dat u need to go beyond d ordinary, deliver the percieved impossible in ur quest for excellence……………go girl………….i love u CHIKA

  4. ezeanya chioma says:

    keep shinning……your the best

  5. Ify Okororie says:

    You have always been a force, a true fulfilment of the scripture about the earth waiting for the manifestation of the children of God. It is time.

  6. Ifeanyi Obi JP says:

    Congrats Coz, Until we ‘unleash the suppressed creative and innovative energies’ you will find young africans mostly Nigerians going through the desert and ending up in the Mediterranean unaccounted for, all in their bid to get to Europe where they have been forced to believe that pasture is greener.

  7. Aku!!!!! says:

    Yes ooooooo God is faithful keeep the flag flying!!!! thumbs up

  8. Adanna says:

    Keep it up Sista!!

  9. cosmos kanu says:

    congratulation you are the epitome of success ,God we grant u the strength,courage and wisdom to accomplish that which he has put in u”r heart to do for human race be bless

  10. Chinwe Obi Chimah says:

    Great mind! Keep it up dear, you are destined to be great.

  11. Don says:

    I proud of mam..keep it up..

  12. chika4africa says:

    Thank you so much, my people. I deeply appreciate every single comment.

  13. Osim Eli says:

    Inspiring.Best wishes.

  14. Tolu says:

    This is impressive Chika,God will prosper your effort.

  15. Ebele Akora says:

    JAI my wonderful friend! This is excellent and one of the most wonderful things on planet earth.Keep shinning friend , the earth is yours!!….solidly behind you forever darl.God will bless you and keep you!

  16. Chijioke says:

    Keep it up!

  17. Lanre says:

    Enjoy your beautiful write-ups.

  18. Mike Akam says:

    “Eagles don’t flock,you find them one at a time”.The sky is your limit.

  19. kent Okoli says:

    I read your recent article on sahara reporters ,i was really impressed but i believe that africa ,s problems is nothing short of, greedy politician and sit-tithe dictators. we should not blame the west 4 our problems.

  20. kelly says:

    Girl, you are young, sound and talented……..i am proud of you. Keep the good deed up

  21. Spaa Water Ltd says:

    Chika, I will be reading your blog on a daily basis keep them coming…

  22. I’m short of word after going through your write up. You are unstoppable.

    One Love.

  23. you are a beauty and a brain.cheers.can we exchange ideas often?

  24. Ugochukwu Okany says:

    You are a great writer. I read you all the time.Keep it up.

  25. Chukwumaeze says:

    Quite Inspirational

  26. Iyigihanga says:

    Such a young stunner, with the brain of a modern-day Einstein!! Youngf lady, the world is at your feet!! Our young Rwandans are lucky to draw from your overflowing fount of such thoroughly distilled knowledge. That you may seek Rwandan nationality!

  27. Bruce Desmond Price says:

    Just read your piece on Rwanda. Inspiring and I wish that ‘virus’ would spread to other parts of Africa. I weep when see how decadent Africa is. Good to see one country out there stand out.

  28. Chinua Asuzu says:

    You’re doing us proud. You’re too legit to quit.

  29. Obinna says:

    You’re an inspiration. Keep moving on. Don’t you ever stop.

  30. You are a blessing to Africans in general and to Nigeria in particular. You are something to watch. I can’t wait to read your next blog. When you are in the New York area, drop me a line.

  31. Glory says:

    Keep up the good work, Chika; remember you are a model to the younger generation.

  32. Sanusijiya says:

    Keep it up Chika. You are a source of inspiration to others.

  33. Bashir says:

    Fantastic write-ups. Well done

  34. chikaforafrica says:

    Thank you so much for the warm wishes. I deeply appreciate.

  35. Loose fisted says:

    First things first: are u married? Second, I thoroughly enjoyed reading u.

  36. Dr Charles Ajere says:

    Wao! U are wonderful. D sky is ur limit.

  37. Chukwudi Obi says:

    My prayer for you,my beloved cousin is that God will amplify your voice,give you follwership and give you energy for the work and journey ahead.I hereby release the annointing for ‘ike agwu nwa mkpi’ upon your vision that you will run and never tired.Generations will hear your voice and be renewed.

  38. Emeka Iloh says:

    What a combination of beauty, brain and brand! You are truely an inspiration. Wish we could be exchanging ideas often.

  39. IK NWANKWO says:


  40. Chris Okeke says:

    ezigbo Chika, “Ada Africa”, I am coming……, keep it up !

  41. Eddie Osuala says:

    Thanks you so much. You are our pride. I love you.

  42. Ed says:

    May the Grace and Strength from above continue to flow in you. You are simply fascinating!!!

  43. lizzy says:

    Am very impressed please keep up the good work

  44. camaay says:

    Ada….. Jisie ike.Chineke dube gi.

  45. Olivia Mukam says:

    Chika, I just discovered your blog + writings today; and I am so impressed by your swift writing combined with your grassroots knowledge of African realities. I wanna say I see myself in you, but I’m still just a neophyte in the battle of African Renaissance + Youth Empowerment.
    My social Enterprise : http://harambecameroon.org/ seeks to address the problem you underlined : “to unleash the suppressed creative and innovative energies, buried deep in the hearts and minds of all Africans.” That’s why I’m glad I discovered this enriching and inspiring blog. More grease to your elobows, and God bless!

  46. ifeanyi says:

    Dr chika,congratulation you are the epitome of success,i just discovered your blog today,i have taken time to read most of write-up,it has inspired me much about africa my country,in which the blood flow in my vein.keep the light shining.is wounderfull and happy to know you.

  47. anumnyam says:

    untill I found your writings the net was boring.

  48. nkubana says:

    Dr Chika,
    Congo’s go ahead for African leaders .this is true,I do agree with your article that “knowledge is Power, not to fight, but to build.”
    Africans we’ve ‘knowledge” which is power, but we don’t use it to build instead we use it to destroy ourselves,until when………………….

    God be with u

  49. Silencebanda says:

    When i first saw the name i didnt know its she. We have great women in Africa! keep it up!

  50. Umar G. says:

    Love your articles, keep it up sister.

  51. It’s an honor to be able to follow your writings in this blog! I have been passionate about Sino-African affairs for a long time now and I write on Sino-African affairs and current affairs on Saturdays in my blog and it would be incredible to have your opinion on some of the writings! Thank you for sharing your passion for Africa and your passion for the the future!

  52. Seyi says:

    Reading your piece ‘on arrival at MMA’ is quite amazing, frequenting that route myself confirms many horrible experiences we got through in the hands of our very fellow blacks.
    Great works on Africa you’re doing, please keep it up… There is future in it!

  53. Okeke Joseph says:

    Am really inspired reading your articles. They told me a lot of things about myself and my race. Please don’t relent on your effort. I have become an addict of your blogs and can’t wait to read each one as it comes in. Thanks and may God continue to bless and enrich your knowledge base.

  54. Naomi Brock says:

    I am so proud of you Chika. God Bless!!!

  55. Paul Vincent says:

    Hi Chika, great reading about your work as relates to Africa & also of your newest project! I trust that it’ll be a great inspiration & bring information about parts of our history as a people that many never knew about! Wishing you more success in all your future endeavors! Remain Blessed! – Rev Paul Vincent

  56. Okomfo Ama Boakyewa says:

    I knew it….you are hewing a path for us!…well done and only through God…Ama

  57. catherine says:

    Am out of words,everything about you is encouraging.Thank you.

  58. catherine says:

    Wow! you are a shinning light…keep up the good work.well done.

  59. Babs says:

    Awesome, what a captivating writer. Good work.

  60. Sam Akaakaa says:

    I share your passion for transforming the continent by lookng inwards and adapting our learning to our stuauitions. Isn’t it paradoxical that this continent of ‘poor’ persons has continued to provide millions for many foreigners who make the initial capital here to invest elsewhere? Our education, in addition to being principle-centred must equip learners with the tools of learning, it must cease to be teacher centred.

  61. Kwame Piankhi says:

    Sister Chika, I would like to commend you on your article on the “Euro & CFA.” To add some information to your article, are you aware that France has priority in acquisition of raw materials deemed “strategic” Also, do you know that it has first right of refusal for all government contracts in CFA countries and that the CFA allows France to have permanent military bases in its ex-colonies and they have the “legal” right to intervene in these countries? (see http://saoti.over-blog.com/article-17347736.html). Furthermore, did you realize that the CFA countries (through France’s prodding) were instrumental in thwarting Kwame Nkrumah’s vision of a United Africa? (see the movie “The Making of a Lesser Man” http://esteemtv.com/?home&vid=85).

    My question is what do we as Africans in the Diaspora and the Continent do about this. We at LivinginBlack http://livinginblack.ning.com/ have been advocating for a boycott of French products which a Pan-African organization in the Caribbean endorsed (see http://news.barbadostoday.bb/barticlenew.php?ptitle=Boycott%20France&article=6666). Yet we have gotten little traction when asking the Black-owned media to do investigative journalism in regards to this issue. What would you suggest?

  62. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Kwame. What we can do, I guess, is what we are doing; keep talking, keep writing, don’t stop. The emphasis must be on doing the right thing to the best of our ability. The result will surely come. Overtime, I believe a critical mass of critically conscious Africans will arise, several of who will be financially empowered to even float their own private networks. Few years ago, no one knew of Al-Jazeerah, today, it is prefered to CNN in several countries around the world. Doing the right always pays.

  63. chikaforafrica says:

    I agree, Sam. Education is the principal thing.

  64. Kwame Piankhi says:

    Thanks for your response Sister Chika. Would you be interested in being interviewed on LIB radio? We have a World Affairs program on called the “Falcon Forum” which takes place on Sundays from 4:00pm GMT (16:00) to 6:00 pm GMT (18:00). Here is an archived shows if you are interested http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18784545.

    I’m also interested in your book “Before We Set Sail.” I haven’t read it yet, but I have read Diop’s “Pre-Colonial Black Africa.” so it would be illuminating to have some discussion of your book

  65. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Kwame. I have taken a look at the Falcon Forum, and I must commend your good works. Could you e-mail me directly at chi_eze@yahoo.co.uk? Regards.

  66. Connie says:

    Beloved African Dreamer and Prophet to the land and Continent of blessings, thank you so much for allowing God use you in inspiring the Africans with positive values that have been described negatively thus making the African people feel and believe a hopeless life. We are mighty Nations that need mighty people like you. Women and men of character to grasp the God’s will over his people. just very proud of you when ever i read your articles. keep the dream spread to the brethren for this is our time Africans and more so the women to take the banner and influence our communities as God’s vessels.

  67. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks much, Connie. You are such an inspiration to Rwandan women and all of Africa.

  68. Nnamdi says:

    This is interesting to know that our own daughter, sis and friend is flying our flag in this capacity. cudos dear! you are the pride of Nigerian women.

  69. CIK says:

    Just read your stories on sahara reporters and I must say that you are amazing! Keep it up.

  70. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, CIK and Nnamdi. Much appreciated

  71. Dominic Okecho says:

    Why do I not join the praise singers’ list until I see one of our shinning stars come to live and join the struggle among the people who feel the oppression and exploitation most? It doesn’t have to be forever! Otherwise you are doing well talking about our deplorable situation as Africans.

    Dominic O

  72. Ulari says:

    Thanks Dr Chika. I am not only proud of you. I deeply admire you. God bless you always


  73. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Ulari. I really appreciate and God bless you.

  74. Paul Omoruyi says:

    Chika – I read your articles religiously on Sahara reporters and nigeriavillagesquare. I admire your drive and passion. http://www.diasporascope.com is a platform I am working on to engage young Africans and share ideas. Stay strong.

  75. Uwubuntu Brenda says:

    From the comments read, Mrs CHIKA you have already transformed Africa to some large extent.you have broken down THE FEEBLE FEELING with in Africans, i inclusive. and you are managing to build the esteem needed in such a time as this.Keep proving to Africans that they are capable and i believe with commitment that greater things are yet to come and we shall see it together. we are still having a dream that one day the African valleys will be exalted. I loved since the time we met . you are an influential somebody and we are blessed to have you.

    I personally, prefer to call you: one of Africa’s corner stone. without forgetting HE: P Kagame & N Mandella
    Peace be with u guys.

  76. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Brenda. I am proud that you already have the consciousness to bring about change in Africa and that you are already working towards it within your sphere of influence. Keep growing and improving – the whole of Africa, not just Rwanda is your mandate, and please never forget that.

  77. Jean Bosco KARINGANIRE says:

    Congratulation!, we will be learning from you.May Our Greatest Father helps you!

  78. alexis ndayizeye sfb says:

    hey my lecturer, u have the real achievements!!!! congz for yur work n” go higher cuz i admire yur talent and inspiration . u deserve the best

  79. Biodun says:

    You are doing great. Your face look so familiar too, were you in Unilag in your degree days?

  80. Hello Chikaforafrica!Just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. You can pick it up on my blog. Keep the good work going.

  81. MM 357 says:

    Definitely a lady of higher acumen, a shining star worthy of emulation by all genders, tribes and race.

  82. Nonso says:

    Just want to say that I love you..

  83. Jean Bosco says:

    Africa really needs someone like you! All SFB students love you.

  84. Ebele Akora says:

    My darlyn bossom friend Jai, this is just the beginning! Keep shinning dearie! This is just the beginning. We shall celebrate so much more!! God bless you!

  85. Good work. Willl you like
    to be involved in a project on “Indigenous Values and Sustainable Development in Nigeria”?

  86. kabasinga Aisha says:

    woow so interesting!keep on an in the name of JESUS u will rise more than you think.
    be blessed my lovely lecturer.

  87. Comfort Samuel says:

    Great Woman! I salute you. You are truly an inspiration to me. I just read your article on Thomas Sankara, and dear me, I have never heard or read about such an “African” icon. Of a truth the youth of today have no role models. They are not even aware of those that should be role models. Over time our definition of role models are corrupt individuals, supposedly ‘living large’. I watched a child on TV being interviewed on what he wants to be in future and he replied, ‘ A Politician’. The question is Why? Because in Nigeria, politicians seem to have the best in life, big cars, so much money, private jets, family lives abroad, medical check-ups done abroad, immunity to corruption and the likes… Tell me, when did ‘A Politician’ become a legit occupation?? It’s so sad… But hey! I’m truly inspired by people like you, and I believe that someday, Africans will rise to transform Africa, a continent we will all be proud of. Keep the flag flying, it shall yet yield more fruits, because it’s yielding already. Happy Birthday Dr. Chika.

  88. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Comfort. I really appreciate, especially the Birthday wishes.

  89. Karl Oxford says:

    Just heard your telephone interview on Turning Point Chika – very inspirational!

    I am seeking to develop some strategic business links between the UK and Africa and would be pleased if you were interested in playing s role!

    God bless you.

  90. dave ereh says:


  91. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Karl. God bless you too.

  92. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks, Dave. I appreciate.

  93. At times I wonder where and how your inspirations are derived, the wisdom, sense and logic in what you write and ideology you put forward. Probably I am just carried away but I rate you as the most intelligent Nigerian woman alive today and I am not kidding. You do not even make noise about your self nor indulge in unnecessary debate and studio show with some commentators and showbiz people, but you drop your aura and personality coolly. I once boasted to my over 50 home boys group that you are arguably the best writer with originality like Late Chinua Achebe with proven records of understanding of contemporary African issues but some disagreed with me without pointing at a better writer. Your parents are indeed lucky to have you. More grease to your elbows.
    Benson Ezeigbo

  94. Spaa says:

    I sincerely do agree with you Benson Ezeigbo I do compare her with Chimamada sometimes.

  95. Okomfo ama Boakyewa says:

    Chika: They are all correct….you are a star in the sky lighting the way …Mama Ama

  96. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks so much for going ahead of us, Mama Ama. Hugs.

  97. chikaforafrica says:

    I thank you very much, Spaa. Chimamanda has made us so proud!

  98. chikaforafrica says:

    Thank you very much, Benson. I am happy that there are too many exceptionally brilliant African women out there. We hope and work towards the day when many more African women will get the opportunity to heal the world with their gifts, skills and brilliance.

  99. This is a great site by a great lady.Africa needs more of you.Spread your tentacles and mentor the next generation.

  100. chikaforafrica says:

    Much thanks, Isaac. I checked your blog and thanks for the subscription. Lets keep the ante up.

  101. niyonsengagedeo says:

    just I m interested in your research

  102. Chicka, you are a great inspiration to the youth! Keep the spirit up and the torch alight to lead many to determination and purpose-driven future! God bless you. MCG

  103. I believe Chika has the mental readiness to help us liberate our minds from the tendencies of error in thinking the solutions for Africa are somewhere out there. But, I am yet to encounter a praxis that she has tried somewhere on the soil of Africa and realised phenomenal transformation. Please Chika, send me evidence on some of those practices that have transformed communities that you have worked with.

  104. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks much, Dominic. Intellectuals and knowledge workers are almost always at the mercy of policy makers in terms of institutionalizing their ideas and bringing them to a fruitful execution. Thinkers who meddle in policy making do often find themselves loosing focus and neither building up their ideas nor excellently executing such. There is a role for advisers in governance, that is, researchers, those who know because they have invested effort and time in trying to seek out the truth and validate same. I do consider myself very much a researcher and very little of an administrator or policy maker. I would be very delighted to work with those gifted with, and passionate about public administration in moving the continent of Africa forward. I appreciate your questions – Chika


    …..Previously Scribes were wondered by the thoughts of Messiah, nowadays, He is no longer Physically in the World,..
    …..Solomon has been given the wisdom,….
    …..Socrates became the one He was because of his consistent determination ….
    …..Rene Descartes said that: “The is a source of Perfectness”….
    …..I certainly see that you are among the ones.
    most of the people will continuously need to hear from you. I wish you all the best.

    Christian M N

  106. RYUMUGABE sam says:

    for me CHIKA is my teacher at university ,but is amazing lady in this continent .GOD ALMIGHTY protects her in her good works .

  107. chikaforafrica says:

    So much thanks, Christian. Keep making progress in your studies – I am proud of you.

  108. Elana Denise Anderson, Ph. D. says:

    Chika! Hi…I tried to send my submission to you for the IKS Conference in Durban, but the address did not work. I sent it to the others and also sent it to two other email addresses I had for you. I hope you get it! One Love, Elana.

  109. Christian says:

    Thank you very much

  110. Ebelechukwu Oboshi says:

    Chika, it been wonderful going through your write ups. I just discovered you and its encouraging. Keep the flag flying, dear.



  112. chikaforafrica says:

    Thank you so much, Virgine.

  113. Peter says:

    Very inspirin,take a moment I am student and I have a system which aims to support the education system in africa.please logon http://www.edusinno.net

  114. tri4 says:

    Dr., real you are my role model
    I sent you the email to the other email of sfb
    Arise and Shine for Africa

  115. tri4 says:

    Dr.Sure you RE MY ROLE MODEL,
    please send me your email

  116. chikaforafrica says:

    Thanks much, Tripho. Please check your mail.

  117. keffa kevin says:

    A good reputation is more valuable than money.-“Publilius Syrus.”keep shining we are happy to hear from you

  118. chikaforafrica says:

    You also inspire me, Keffa. Your hardwork, integrity,commitment and drive to succeed is worthy of emulation. The sky is your limit.


  120. Musoni steven says:

    Chika i give u a big salute. Thanks for work you’ re doing. Thanks for trying to unfold and to tape out the resources that we African have but don’t really want to know

  121. Gerald Udeaba says:

    Well done our sister! There is a young man (Chinedu) bearing same surname (Ezeanya), that I know in SHELL Petroleum Development Company Nigeria. We learned how to swim together as a requirement for our work. I was happy when he told me that he is your brother. He was the one that told me that you’re now married. How did you people get this knowledge? I asked Chinedu. He said, well, his sister is talented. I told him about your articles on how to develop African indigenous knowledge, that I have read. Keep it up! Jide ka iji!

  122. Uchechukwu Ofoha says:

    Chika you are simply a class-act! I greatly admire your wit. Ride on sis.

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